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HELLO, My Name is Bruce

Coaching is a journey taken into the depths of a client’s consciousness and expereince. Unlike ordinary life, it is not necessary to take the journey alone. When coaching is working well, the coach helps his client find balance in his or her life so that the process of self discovery can illuminate the pathway forward.

Bruce Hostetter is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and a Certified ADHD Life Coach (CALC) having graduated from two ICF accredited coaching programs.



ADD/ADHD Coaching

The term ADHD applies to people who have suffered all their lives with difficulties in being organized, controlling impulses, and regulating emotioal responses to the world. ADHD is not a cognitive disorder, it is a performance disorder, ADHD brains know what to do, how to initiate task, don’t always know how to do it, or how to sustain attention. This is because an ADHD brain from birth is wired differently. People with ADHD have incredible potentials and excel with unique problems that excite them and tap into their extraordinary creativity.?In my work, it is all about the “Hero’s Journey” and how the “potentials” can overcome the “problems” we face in daily life.


Coaching for Creatives

Many people find themselves rising quickly in their career to positions of responsiblity. Some also find that they reach a point where they begin to manage teams and the talents that lead to their success no longer support their duties. This is the dilemma of creatives who’s talents are likely powered by a unique brain that quickly see’s solutions that other’s do not. Standing out as a conceptual designer, they may not shine when they become project managers. In order to manage a career caught between one’s talents and the pressures of our advancements, it is important to understand what is going on inside our ADHD brains.

Coaching for Groups/Teams

How many meetings have you attended and spent more time looking at your watch than contributing to the meeting? As a trained and experienced Dynamic Governance (Sociocracy) I offer organizations tools to create 100% buy-in among its staff and teams. Trained in advanced team coaching systems, I also offer coaching services, coaching one to many, to help teams self-organize and navigate their responsibilities while functioning from an authentic place.



Sometimes it’s not always possible to connect one on one in person. This is why I offer remote coaching options, though there is a bit of a difference. Read on to see why.

In-Person Coaching

For those who live within a reasonable distance I offer coaching sessions in person, face to face.

Remote Coaching

People who live at a distance, anywhere in the country, anyplace on the globe, I offer web-based sessions with one or more people using Zoom.


I offer a number of specialized coaching solutions. Let?s talk about which ones are right for you and your needs.

Adults with ADD/ADHD

My primary focus is to partner with adults dealing with the symptoms of ADHD. ADHD, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, affects about 5% of the population and when untreated can have huge negative impacts on one’s life. I have a six-stage approach to working with you to bring a new level of order and control to your life.

Aging Well

Many Boomers are nearing their 70’s and the effects of aging are beginning to show up. I offer fun strategies to challenge old beliefs and attitudes about aging. The primary challenge I have noticed when illness or injury threaten old behaviors and function, we suffer the loss of our old identity. I offer strategies to face new realities and embrace aspirations that elevate our expectations.

Creatives & Design Firms

I spent over 30 years working for a broad range of design firms in the world of architecture and sustainability. I have been in production, served as a design director, and did product design for major lighting manufacturers. I understand creatives and design culture and enjoy coaching teams in the design community.

Nonprofits & Co-Ops

I have spent a decade working in and for non-profits and co-ops. When it comes to governance and leveraging emerging leadership, non-profits and coops are very familiar environments. Non-profits and coops have special challenges and the practices I offer using consent and advanced coaching are very useful to balance the sovereignty individuals look for and the accountability organizations require.


Bruce Hostetter offers ongoing workshops in the community on a variety of popular topics related to attention disorders.

Getting Organized

Where to start. Externalize, externalize, externalize. We explore how physical manipulatives can aid in organizing your desk, schedules, and your living environment.

Time Blindness and How to Cope

It is not unusual for people with ADHD brains to have difficulty sensing the passing of time. We explore tools, mental and physical, to help improve working memory and track progress toward a goal.

"Where Are My Keys?" - Answers to Life's Persistent Questions

Believe it or not there are simple organizational methods to keep track of everything

Saying No!

Co-dependence is a common condition in our society. Explore how saying no to others is saying yes to you.



What I do is take disparate parts of ourselves and integrate them into a clear picture of our whole selves, so we can visualize our potential and create the life we choose.

Bruce's coaching style was appropriately energetic. He was attentive and present, taking the time to get to know me, my life, the situations surrounding my goals, and how things were going in the course of the coaching engagement.


Let me be absolutely clear, there is no one else I would entrust my own or my company?s well-being to than Bruce Hostetter! His creativity is legendary and helps him to identify interesting ways to provoke thought and introspection from those he coaches.


Bruce arranges aspects of my life in a visual way that helps me develop a real working sense of balance. He is not judgmental and ?gets where I?m trying to go.? He?s got a huge bag of tools that he fits to my situations.


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