HELLO, My Name is Bruce

As a coach, I partner with you to shift your story of struggle into your story of innovation. I am passionate about helping organizations, and individuals to discover their untapped resources, to connect them with their capacity for change, and to harness their creativity in the pursuit of a meaningful life and greater wellbeing. 

I empower leaders to consolidate their resources in order to meet growing demands in an uncertain marketplace. I equip individuals with the tools to meet the challenges of stress in their life and the workplace to achieve greater health and wellness.

Consider me your coaching partner working at the intersection of business gains and workforce engagement. Working with the individuals, teams, and leaders of your organization, we can manage change, navigate stress, and establish a healthy work-life balance for all. 

– Bruce



Workplace Wellness

Considering what matters most in the workplace, it’s all about relationships. A person’s relationship to their own health, shapes their relationship to other workers, other team members, and even their engagement in their organization. I work in modules, tailored to the pain points in an organization, structured to address long-term strategic objectives.

Health & Wellness

We all stand in the tidal zone of our own making. Sometimes we are pounded by the crashing waves, sometimes we master the waves and surf them just for pleasure. I stand by you in the riptides, welcome you to shore for a different perspective, and celebrate the rides of your life, big and small, as they build your confidence and shape your identity. By working on one area of health and wellness at a time, we can manifest change to prepare you for those moments that matter most.

Leadership & Creatives

Having spent decades working in several creative fields, I emerge into my current profession of coaching, committed to the value of Design Thinking. I feel kin to those who lead design and other creative efforts. I come from a long line of inventors and artist, and having been gifted an ADHD brain at birth, I have learned to navigate my way, from chronic executive dysfunction,n into the realms of playful high function. I now extend my hand to those creative leaders who wish to play a better game, optimize their skills, and work toward a professional life that is aligned with their true identity.

ADHD and Neurodiversity

I have been working with clients who present with ADHD patterns now for about five years. I now include ADHD coaching under the “Creatives” category. Typically, they are doing well in some aspect of their lives but have trouble reaching their potential. Do you fit this description but find yourself struggling on the job with project organization or time management? Do you find your mate feeling frustrated with your behaviors, unable to understand them? We should have a conversation.

Caregiver Cafes

Calling all caregivers in eldercare and healthcare. Join others in your field to discuss strategies to deal with your biggest challenges and network with your peers.