ADHD Life Coaching


ADHD brains know what to do, they don’t always know how to do it, how to initiate task, or how to sustain attention. This is because their brains from birth are wired differently. They have incredible potentials and excel with unique problems that excite them and tap into their extraordinary creativity. They falter with less interesting task, like balancing a check book, which is often identified as part of the problems they face in their lives. I have been on my ADHD own journey for the past few years, managing and funcitoning in more effective ways. I am convinced that anyone born with an ADHD brain, who is determined and persistent, can mainfest higher fiunciton and greater satisfiaciton in life. This requires a program that can include medicartion, therapy, and transformative coaching (change guided by the client, change from the inside out). I help people unlock their personal truth and seek their full potential. Through the work and the play of ADHD life coaching, I partner with you to achieve your own, vital life goals.


Transformative coaching can trigger moments when confusion and clarity can switch from background to foreground. In those moments of mental migration, just as we know that winter is on its way when the geese fly south, we can also sense the tropical breeze that gives them lift and carries them on their jouney. Coaching puts us in a place where we can soar and glide on the winds of internal change. Coaching is not the solution, coaching puts the outcome we seek, closer at hand. Coaching allows the client to find their our own path and through the journey, their own solutions will emerge.

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