I work with organizations that seek to profit by the support and resources they offer their workforce, so they may contribute at their optimal level of performance. Together we can design and build a business that is always standing tall, facing success, regardless of the conditions in the marketplace, and available talent pool.


While “workplace wellbeing” is a distinct concept from a “healthy organizational culture”, they are inextricably linked. When you improve one, the other is improved as a result. Workplace wellbeing refers to the physical, mental, emotional, and social wellbeing of the workforce, at all levels and for all jobs.

On the other hand, a healthy organizational culture refers to the values, beliefs, and norms that subconsciously, and collectively, guide the behaviors in the organization. A healthy organizational culture is characterized by the presence of trust, strong relationships and team functions which generate a sense of inclusion and belonging. Ultimately, the psychological safety that results produces a diverse and equitable learning organization that freely takes creative risk and values innovation.

Let’s talk about how health and wellness initiatives form the foundation for a positive, healthy culture and a workforce that aligns its lived values with its business objectives.

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Elevate Now

Use your mind to lift your life, to new sustained heights

3 live Group Coaching Sessions delivered at your rhythm. Sessions will raise awareness, inspire and motivate interaction to FACILITATE: LEARNING, setting OBJECTIVES, developing INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY, and setting personal SMART GOALS.

My Stress My Food, What’s the Link?

  • 4 things you can change with your eating NOW to better cope (+Bonus)
  • The PRIMARY links between stress & food

Finding Your Bearings is an excellent place to begin the health journey. If you have been thinking about addressing a health need and have not known where to start, the 4 coaching sessions over 1-2 months included help you find direction, set goals, and gain the awareness needed to navigate toward improved wellness in your life.

As you launch your attention toward discovery and change, new possibilities will emerge to take you to the next step.

Investing in your health for $1,100. Please schedule a complimentary meeting, in person (in the area) or on Zoom, to explore how this program can benefit you.

My Body My Sleep, Time to Wake Up!

  • The PRIMARY links between stress & physical activity
  • The PRIMARY links between stress & sleep

Hitting the Trail is the next step in expanding your commitment toward comprehensive health and wellbeing. Don’t be discouraged by previous failed attempts to incorporate healthy life lifestyle practices, like eating, exercise, or sleep into your daily life. 8 coaching sessions, over 2-4 months, provides more time to avoid overwhelm, by focusing on one central theme.

With this focus you can expect your confidence to grow, reinforced by a newfound clarity and vision.

Investing in your health for $1,800. Please schedule a complimentary meeting, in person (in the area) or on Zoom, to explore what you can gain from this program.

My Purpose-Full Alignment, Resilience that Lasts!

Taking the Leap offers the extended time and attention to dive deeper, vault further, and learn more about strengths and your vulnerabilities. We can examine more of your wellness priorities and make more permanent progress, by reinforcing the behavior changes you manifest in this program. 12 coaching sessions, over 4-6 months, gives you the time to find mastery and to discover who you are at your core.

With this extended time, you can expect to be equipped to face the next health challenges with greater self-efficacy.

Investing in your health for $2900. Please schedule a complimentary meeting, in person (in the area) or on Zoom, to explore the extended benefits of this more intensive program.

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