Ultimately, teams that are able to self organize and self navigate, operate from a shared understanding of their relationship to management, each other, and themselves. At the heart of this work is a system of agreements that allow each member of a team to operate as co-equals and from a place of personal sovereignty.



Teams can self organize when using a process with agreements at its heart. The concept of “coaching one too many” is different than facilitating a group. The important operating principle is that when a meeting is conducted using coaching techniques, all present have “equivalence”.


My executive coaching has been in the world of design. In my previous career spanning over 30 years, I worked in various fields of architectural design. I have worked in many design firms and have lead design teams. I know the lighting design community intimately, having worked with owners, clients, staff, and manufacturers. I have a lot of to contribute to creatives who excel in design and struggle with executive duties as they are promoted.


My studio creates visual tools to accelerate learning and awareness with my clients. These tools can also be used for visual recording and visual facilitation The benefit is that the concepts being learned, the record of the meeting, can all be visually understood by all in real-time.

“As an ADHD coach, I work with people who are diagnosed with ADHD or suspect that their life challenges may be due to ADHD symptoms. ADHD coaching rounds out a client’s treatment plan, whether it be for medications, therapy, or both. I believe that ADHD coaching needs to combine: a. transformative life coaching, b. skill development, and c. education about executive function. The outcome of ADHD coaching is often a greater achievement of a person’s goals and identification of the barriers that can hold them back. For those who are still searching for an understanding of what is holding them back, I provide the opportunity to explore themselves so that they can become more self-aware and discover what is missing from their current understanding of ADHD and themselves.”

– Bruce Hostetter

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