I work with energetic, action-oriented individuals of all ages, who think about their lives, and don’t understand why they’re not making the progress they want. This is where you can craft and construct a life you trust regardless of your current state of hope, so long as you possess an appetite for change.

We are experiencing a new era of personalized care, with active participation in optimizing health. At the heart of this personalized health care system is support for the individual to engage in their own well-being in ways that are not only sustainable and cost-effective but offer outcomes for personal and public health and for the economy.




There are three dimensions to health and wellness work. The first dimension is assessing all of the areas in your life that affect your state of wellness. The second dimension is to look at what really matters most in your life, what gives you identity based upon your strengths and your desire for growth. The third dimension is the measurement of progress and accountability, and how you apply your learning as feedback to correct the course of your health journey. I partner with you, your goals, your values, and your success.

What I do is help people meet their full potential, so they are more at choice, to live a fuller life.
One of the most significant challenges that prevents a fuller life, is the gap between the dreams they have of their ideal future, and their current state of health, which determines what is possible and limits what is not. I help people bridge that gap, through life style change that address the following and more:
 – Chronic Stress
 – Difficulties with un interrupted Sleep and Rest
 – Weight Gain and Exercise
 – Hypertension
 – Controlling Blood Glucose Levels


Are you ready to go barefoot in the sand? Need trail shoes for flexibility and traction? Or, hiking boots for fording streams and taking the long haul over varied terrain? We begin by assessing where you are, your readiness for change, and the barriers or resistance that are keeping you from starting, so we can help you get moving and meet your goals.

Finding Your Bearings

Finding Your Bearings is an excellent place to begin the health journey. If you have been thinking about addressing a health need and have not known where to start, the 4 coaching sessions over 1-2 months included help you find direction, set goals, and gain the awareness needed to navigate toward improved wellness in your life.

As you launch your attention toward discovery and change, new possibilities will emerge to take you to the next step.

Investing in your health for $1,100. Please schedule a complimentary meeting, in person (in the area) or on Zoom, to explore how this program can benefit you.

Hitting the Trail

Hitting the Trail is the next step in expanding your commitment toward comprehensive health and wellbeing. Don’t be discouraged by previous failed attempts to incorporate healthy life lifestyle practices, like eating, exercise, or sleep into your daily life. 8 coaching sessions, over 2-4 months, provides more time to avoid overwhelm, by focusing on one central theme.

With this focus you can expect your confidence to grow, reinforced by a newfound clarity and vision.

Investing in your health for $1,800. Please schedule a complimentary meeting, in person (in the area) or on Zoom, to explore what you can gain from this program.

Taking the Leap

Taking the Leap offers the extended time and attention to dive deeper, vault further, and learn more about strengths and your vulnerabilities. We can examine more of your wellness priorities and make more permanent progress, by reinforcing the behavior changes you manifest in this program. 12 coaching sessions, over 4-6 months, gives you the time to find mastery and to discover who you are at your core.

With this extended time, you can expect to be equipped to face the next health challenges with greater self-efficacy.

Investing in your health for $2900. Please schedule a complimentary meeting, in person (in the area) or on Zoom, to explore the extended benefits of this more intensive program.

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