About Essence & sovereignty

I help creatives to be more organized and organizations to be more creative. Some people call this coaching. All of my coaching comes from one place, my own essence. My coach training is rooted in the belief that our ultimate goal is to live a life of self-rule which comes from our true self. My coaching honors the essence of my clients, and support of their sovereignty.

Welcome to the Hero’s Journey.

Meet Bruce Hostetter

Bruce Hostetter is engaged in a variety of activities in Bellingham Washington where he lives. This includes regular involvement in a community choir that toured Norway, improv twice a week to support his applications of improv in his coaching and workshops. During the summer he volunrteers with the Community Boat Center and he is a year round Hospice volunteer. In additon to his interest in ADHD he also breaks new ground with his explorations of tools to support his other passion, whole health and strategic agining. Cycling is a life long passion that keeps him on the edge of his youth and boost his passion for all he does.

Bruce Hostetter Coaching and Facilitation works with individuals and organizations, using the powers of self discovery to allow one’s gifts and talents to emerge and break new ground in their lives and teams.


My process is very structered and very spontaneous. Coaching is an intirguing blend of skills that apply the best of coach training and professional development, essential to earning credentials with the confidence to coach with out a script, going deep, using play, and provoking novel approaches to help the client wake up to his / her essence and personal power. Coaching has magical moments, that is what got me into coaching in the first place. The personal transformations that I witness keep me engaged.


I do what I do, to contribute what I can, to the uncovering of the human soul that has retreated from trauma and wounds, waiting for its “hero” to rise up and reclaim its source of power and meaning in life.

I value the willingness?of clients to be vulnerable. From that place of vulnerability the client is able to accept a new awareness about themselves. Awareness is key to all transformational?changes. Being a partner, with the client, charting new pathways toward self fulfillment, is what sustains me as a coach. I love watching the personal limits to growth transform?into the building blocks for success.


I value human potential. I believe that dialgoue with the obstructions that prevent forward movement in our lives brings our potential more in focus. As we understand who we are, at our essence, we naturally find our way and understand how to bring our aspirations in alighment with our daily living. As we do this, the meaning in our lives stands out, in contrast to those moments of frustation and confusion. With out the confusion meaning hides in the shaddows of our habits and limiting beliefs.?


ADHD Life Coaching

Treating ADHD is vitally important and can make a major difference in your life.

Aging Well

As we lose function, we face a challenging change of identity.

Working with Teams

Teams can self organize when using a process with agreements at its heart.

Visual Processing

My studio creates visual tools to accelerate learning and awareness with my clients.

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