My executive coaching has been in the world of design. In my previous career spanning over 30 years. I have worked in many design firms and have lead design teams on major projects. I have a lot to contribute to creatives who excel in design and struggle with executive duties as they are promoted. Here’s are a few of the issues my clients have dealt with, what are your issues? 1. The principal of a small design firm holds annual retreats, investing a lot of resources and diverting time away from billable hours. From year to year, the same issue of lack of profitability and long hours is repeated by the staff, undermining morale. The resolution, principal realizes that his need for quality control impacts budgets and he delegates management of schedules to another staff member. 2. A mid manager in a multinational corporation has achieved her goals for advancement and feels like there is something missing as she nears middle age. Being in a position where she can take sabbatical, she spends a year searching and exploring through the coaching process and eventually on her own. Expecting that her journey would take her to a more novel positon in a different industry, she decided to accept a position for a competitor in the same industry and she was able to define her job description. She emerged as an executive in this company and works from a place of er passions and purpose.


Transformative coaching can trigger moments when confusion and clarity can switch from background to foreground. In those moments of mental migration, just as we know that winter is on its way when the geese fly south, we can also sense the tropical breeze that gives them lift and carries them on their jouney. Coaching puts us in a place where we can soar and glide on the winds of internal change. Coaching is not the solution, coaching puts the outcome we seek, closer at hand. Coaching allows the client to find their our own path and through the journey, their own solutions will emerge.

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