What comes to your mind when you read this statement: “Travel at Home, At Home Away”? How can we travel when we are at home? To answer these questions, let’s start with why it matters. Think of how it feels when you are traveling and away, the pressures at home are not upon us, the setting is unique, we have slowed down so we can be in touch with our senses and experience pleasure. When we are in this state we have the opportunity to see with fresh eyes, feel without judgment, think with a clear, unprejudiced mind. We spend a small percentage of our life in leisure travel, why should it not be possible to bring this unique pleasure to our life at home where we spend the majority of our time? I have developed a novel process by which you can bring the travel experience to your “at home” state. Travel with me in a unique coaching process that brings the best of travel to our everyday experience. Learn how to enjoy the essentials of home when you travel.


Transformative coaching can trigger moments when confusion and clarity can switch from background to foreground. In those moments of mental migration, just as we know that winter is on its way when the geese fly south, we can also sense the tropical breeze that gives them lift and carries them on their jouney. Coaching puts us in a place where we can soar and glide on the winds of internal change. Coaching is not the solution, coaching puts the outcome we seek, closer at hand. Coaching allows the client to find their our own path and through the journey, their own solutions will emerge.

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