As we age, we all eventually reach a point where the gradual loss of function, whether from injury, illness, or body wear and tear, begins to limit our movement, impact our comfort, and affect our mental clarity. All of these changes, individually and collectively, make us question our identity. The primary emotional challenge of aging has to do with the question of, “who am I”. I remember when I once did handstand push-ups for daily exercise. I was a gymnast and later a modern dancer. My balance was superb. Now, with a degenerating knee, and periperperl neuropathy, my balance is affected in ways that do not align with my self-image. There have been many other losses and the challenge I have been faced with has been how to rebuild my identity, accepting loss and recognizing the opportunities for growth that emerge in the process. If you are part of the boomer generation and facing similar challenges, let’s talk. I have a framework for dealing with this challenge. Let’s see if my framework has value for you.


Transformative coaching can trigger moments when confusion and clarity can switch from background to foreground. In those moments of mental migration, just as we know that winter is on its way when the geese fly south, we can also sense the tropical breeze that gives them lift and carries them on their jouney. Coaching puts us in a place where we can soar and glide on the winds of internal change. Coaching is not the solution, coaching puts the outcome we seek, closer at hand. Coaching allows the client to find their our own path and through the journey, their own solutions will emerge.

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